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How we support our clients


Audibly Better
Bad sound quality causes people to switch off. As do jarring volume changes, overbearing music, and lack of vocal clarity caused by poor mixing. Our podcasts are audibly better – we use the best equipment on the market and our chief engineer coming from a career mixing and mastering for some of the biggest names in the music industry. Your podcast is an extension of your brand, so high sonic quality is a positive reflection on the quality of you or your brand.
Location recording - We aim to record in the studio environment but realise this is not always possible. We have a high definition mobile recording rig for these instances
Mix and loudness - All projects are mixed with state of the art gear, adhering to iTunes’ loudness standards
Audio restoration - Sometimes poor quality audio is unavoidable in cases such as phone interviews or recording in untreated rooms. Where necessary we use digital audio restoration tools to get as close as possible to a studio sound
Field recording - Conducting interviews, ambient sound
Not all guests can be highly skilled orators, and we all know how hard it is to listen to a guest struggle to form their thoughts. We take pride in our ability to remedy even the most jilted speech through seamless edits, to produce punchy dialogue.
Fascinate Productions Recording
Fascinate Productions Recording
Sound Design
We create and source scores, jingles and sound design to underpin your message and give your project its own unique on brand aesthetic. These sounds are thoughtfully interwoven throughout the production to provide context and colour.
A Well Oiled Machine
We exist to make podcasting as easy as possible for our clients. Along with all the technological complexities, we manage all your basic logistics such as:
Studio Bookings
Creativity in line with your Strategic Goals
Running orders for guest and host
Guest Bookings