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How we support our clients


Generating listens

So we’ve made great content and we know what your audience looks like. Now it's time to make sure your podcast is heard by as many people as possible. Once again we know what works and what doesn’t. We will use a variety of strategies to get the most bang for your buck.


We create eye-catching social media assets, making it easy for guest and host to shout about the show to their followers.

Cross Promotion

Who better to target than established podcast listeners? We find podcasts that align with your show’s values and share a similar audience to exchange ‘shout outs’ – mentioning your podcast on theirs and vice versa. This is a quid pro quo approach with no monetary spend.

Paid podcast ads

Podcast advertising has incredibly high conversion rates – especially as you’re targeting people engaging with the same medium you’re advertising – and allows you to laser target your niche. On top of this your ad will be read out to a captive audience by a host the listeners trust.

Press Releases

We’ll write press releases to target appropriate press contacts to feature your podcast online or in print.

Apple Podcast Optimised

Apple’s podcast platform currently accounts for 70% of podcast plays, so ranking highly in one or more of their charts can lead to a tsunami of organic listens. We have an in depth knowledge of the ranking algorithm, which we use to optimise your release strategy to top the charts on launch day.


We’ll make sure your show is available wherever your audience comes to find it. In the weeks following release, we’ll analyse a range of metrics to tell you where your audience is and how they behave. We’ll also provide a monthly stats break down, which enables us to quantify your success and inform future decisions.