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Startup Dads

Case Study

The Challenge

CEO of a high growth Startup and recent father to a young daughter, Amrit Santhirasenan went on the hunt for a podcast for people in a similar situation. Wherever he looked however, his search turned up nothing. In true founder fashion he approached us to help him solve this problem, by creating a show for people like him - Startup Dads.

What we did

Podcast strategy workshop
Guest booking
Podcast production and post production
Social media management and asset creation
Secure Apple Podcasts promotion
Audio ad creation
Paid ad campaign management
FP Case Study: Start Up Dads Podcast
Our Approach

From the off we knew we had something hi-concept in the name, which spoke of the audience demographic, the guests featured, and the subjects which would be talked about - all in just two words.

Step one (as always), was to gain a deep understanding of the audience and purpose during our strategy workshop. Part of this was to develop a laser focused guest profile, which meant Amrit could confidently leave us to manage his guest bookings. As one of the busiest people on the planet (we stand by this - despite a lack of empirical evidence), allowing us this autonomy was key.

Along with wider promotional activities, we are in charge of running the Startup Dads social channels. To help create media for these accounts, we devised a show segment that would build positive relationships with Startups across the world, and easily be repurposed as social content. The Startup Shoutouts segment has since started friendly conversations with over 50 startups worldwide, creating a valuable network of potential buyers for our client.

The Impact


Episodes featuring Founders, CEO’s, Venture Capitalists


Connections made with Startups through Startup Shoutouts


hours listened